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Icelandic adj : of or relating to Iceland or its people or culture; "Icelandic ports"; "the Icelandic president is a woman"; "Icelandic sagas" n : a Scandinavian language that is the official language of Iceland

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  1. A North Germanic language, the national tongue of Iceland.


  • Catalan: islandès
  • Cherokee: ᎢᏍᎳᏅᏗ (islanvdi)
  • Chinese: 冰島語, 冰岛语 (Bīngdǎo yǔ)
  • Czech: islandština
  • Danish: islandsk
  • Dutch: IJslands
  • Estonian: islandi keel
  • Faroese: íslendskt (adjective)
  • Finnish: islanti
  • French: islandais
  • German: Isländisch
  • Greenlandic: Islandimiusut
  • Hebrew: איסלנדית
  • Icelandic: íslenska
  • Italian: islandese
  • Japanese: (aisurando-go)
  • Norwegian: islandsk
  • Persian: (islandi)
  • Portuguese: islandês
  • Slovak: islandčina
  • Spanish: islandés
  • Swedish: isländska


  1. Of or relating to Iceland.


relating to Iceland
  • Catalan: islandès
  • Czech: islandský
  • Danish: islandsk
  • Dutch: IJslands
  • Estonian: islandi
  • Faroese: íslendskur
  • Finnish: islantilainen
  • French: islandais
  • German: isländisch
  • Hebrew: איסלנדית, איסלנדי
  • Icelandic: íslenskur , íslensk , íslenskt ; frónskur , frónsk , frónskt
  • Italian: islandese
  • Japanese: (Aisurando no)
  • Persian: (islandi)
  • Polish: islandzki
  • Portuguese: islandês
  • Romanian: islandez
  • Spanish: islandés
  • Swedish: isländsk, isländskt, isländska

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Icelandic refers to anything of or related to Iceland and may refer to the following articles:

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